Pilates Machine +Sweat Set: Pilates Based Interval Training (PiBIT) is a system of training for longevity created at Pilates Habitat. It focuses on Mobility, Core Strength, Balance, Coordination and Stamina. Class takes place on reformer and cadillac with a blast of focused cardio work. 50 minutes, 24 hour cancellation policy.ype your paragraph here.

AcroPilates: AcroPilates, done on the Cadillac, developed by Movement Salon founders Anthony & Daniel. A mix of classical Pilates with gymnastic forms to create acrobatic movements. A safe format and anyone can do it! This class is about exciting movements emphasizing body awareness, alignment and grace. 50 minutes, 24 hour cancellation policy. 


Pilates Machine Classes: Open level classes where instructor offers advancements/modifications to exercises depending on the composition of the group. 6 people max. Every class consists of 1/2 Cadillac, 1/2 Reformer, so you can experience the benefits of both classic pieces of Pilates equipment in every class. 50 minutes, 24 hour cancellation policy.
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Virtual Prop Pilates Class: 
Pilates With Props!  These props are needed for this class:
-Pilates ring
-a stretch band
-a 7-9" ball
-light hand weights
-a yoga block
45 minutes. 24 hour cancellation policy. 

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